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Dents Breakfast Run | EATOC Test

Dents Breakfast Run

by | Sep 26, 2018

The first real club meeting of the year turned out to have the best weather of the year so far - and setting this out 2 weeks later I wish the Easter weekend was as nice...

As I said the weather on the Sunday morning was really good, dry, bright with barely a cloud in the sky and it was also fairly warm. Having checked on the routes the previous night the estimate was 40 minutes from Peterborough to Dent's so I left in what I thought was plenty of time. However coming round the A47 I got to the B198 junction with barely a hold up - as soon as I passed over the roundabout I came to a complete stop. No idea why but the traffic just stopped moving and it took about 15 minutes to get to the Elm Hall roundabout. Once I had got round that the rest of the journey was plain sailing and I made it to the stop without any further holdups.

I got there to find 14 other club cars had beaten me. This looked like a good turnout, but they kept coming until we had 21 cars. This was interesting as Simon had only booked places for 15 cars...

Two of the cars had thought the meeting was the next weekend, and only happened to pass the venue by chance. One of the cars wasn't a club member and for about an hour Chris Dewey was the newest member of the club.

Steve Tuck had brought an Astra (Paula's) but as his Cat currently is without an engine we will forgive him for the moment.

Fortunately the venue was big enough to accommodate the extra mouths to be fed and we all had a good breakfast.

Now at this point I will offer an opinion - previously we have gone to Arbuckles (same roundabout just turn left instead of right) given a choice between the venues I would prefer to go back to Dent's the acoustics are much better so you can hold a conversation and there isn't any background music playing - it is also a nicer building.

After the breakfast a decision was made to go for a short run over to Sandringham before heading home. At this point we lost a couple of vehicles - Niall's Cat suffering a misfire which was eventually proved to be a dodgy HT lead, and Steve Tuck who decided to head home.

On the road, there was a problem with John's Ultima - apparently a CV joint failed meaning it had to go back home on a recovery truck. The rest of us made it to Sandringham.

We tried to get into the main carpark which was very full before Richard Gaze had the much better idea of parking on the grass verges of the main avenue.

A relatively short stop allowed Dominic Washington to become the newest member of the club. Incidentally Dominic's Cat has been owned by four people since the factory built it - all of the owners have been members of EATOC. So after staying in the shade to let the cars cool down we headed off to the icecream stalls. By this point it was getting rather warm so the ice cream had to be eaten quickly.

We finally left Sandringham about 3PM and I thought we would have to contend with some fairly awful traffic on the way home. However I think we just slipped through at the right time as I had a clear run all the way back to Peterborough.

Thanks to Simon for organising this one - now he just needs to do the same for the weather on the events for the rest of the year.